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Welcome to our Construction and Mining Tender 2022

Please see below conditions of this tender and links to download the tender documents.

When viewing the machine pages if you see a "specification" tab, this will link you to printable (PDF) service history.
If there is no history please ask as we are holding more information on many of these units.

We are happy to assist with viewing of any machines and post tender we are able to offer support for any logistical requirements you may have.

Some of these machines are still in use, hours may vary slightly from what is advertised.

Download Tender Documents including a full list of available items

 1.   The tender must show a Sum for each lot tendered for (ie one Sum per machine).

 2.   The machines, listed are for tender on an "as is where is" condition at the viewing sites
       a) Items listed are used and will be sold with no warranty given or implied
       b) Neither Global Tractors or the Vendors guarantee machine hours and/or condition

3.   All Tendered Sums shall be submitted in New Zealand Dollars and excluding GST

4.    Upon acceptance of the Tendered Sum or Sums, within 7 calendar days, payment shall be made in full against a GST Tax Invoice issued by Global Tractor Sales Ltd.

5.    Upon payment each Successful Tenderer shall within 21 calendar days remove the machines from the tender site.

6.    All costs of uplifting and removal of the machines from the tender site shall be borne by the respective Successful Tenderer. Any adjustments to machine configuration for transport or shipping requirements will be the tenderer's responsibility.

 7.   The tender shall close at 4.00pm on Wednesday 20th  July 2022, tenders can be sent to
        Attn: Marc McSkimming
        Global Tractor Sales Ltd
        PO Box 86077, Rolleston West (post)
        812 Jones Road Rolleston (courier) 

8.   Email tenders will be accepted, please email 

9.   Global Tractor Sales Ltd shall not be obliged to accept:
      a) the highest tender price(s); or
      b) any tender.
      c) Successful bidders will be notified by phone and email no later than 27 July 2022

10. The Tenderer acknowledges that in submitting a tender it shall be deemed to have warranted and represented to Global Tractor Sales Ltd that it has:
      a) examined all information and made its own assessments and other circumstances having an effect on its tender;
      b) informed itself of the nature of the obligations to be performed under the Tender Document.

11.  Machines can be viewed as per the schedule, please contact to arrange timing

12.  Download Tender Documents HERE or email for documents to be sent to you or 

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